TV Back Light RGB Color Changing Waterproof Strong Adhesive LED USB Strip Light TV Lighting(2M 3key online control) QiLi


Color:1m 10key Rf Remote Control


Product Description

  • ITEMS INCLUDE:200cm RGB LED strip light, 90cm USB cable,0nline 3key controller, 1pcs manual and 1pcs pack box
  • INSTALLATION: there is adhesives tape on back of LED strip light, easy to adhesives it to your TV screen back. It is powered by USB port, just Plug-and-play, no need external power adapter or battery
  • FEATURES: every LED(3.34cm) can be cut that you can get suitable length you want, it is IP20 non-waterproof , 5050 highest brightness
  • COLORS: 20kinds of stable colors, 18kinds of color changing models, 6levels dimmable function, 6levels speed
  • PEFECT LIGHTING & decoration solution for TV back light, monitor back light, tablet,home made up, reading motor, cabinet, cupboard, corner and reading, camping, fishing...

Color:2m 3key Online Control

1) LED: 5050, 30LEDs/M
2) Voltage: 5V DC
3) Power: 7.2W
4) Color: RGB multi color changing
5) IP rate: IP20 non-waterproof
6) LED strip length: 200cm
7) USB cable length: 90cm
8) Controller: online 3key controller
* The remote controller has memory function, the color of light when you turn on again is same as last time when you turn off.
* Please pull out the insulation sheet at end of remote before you use it
1) TV backlight
2) Bias home lighting
3) Home theater lighting
4) TV mood light
5) HDTV, Computer, Desktop, Laptop background, Home kitchen decorative
Package includeds:
* 200cm RGB LED strip light
* 90cm USB cable
* 1pcs manual
* 1pcs pack box

Customer reviews(8)

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February 9, 2018
It's good. It gets really bright, and I can switch to pretty much any color I want. I heard that you can use a remote to control it, but I just use the built-in buttons.
The strip is very bendable, so I could make corners without having to cut and solder, allowing me to easily put it on the back of my desktop monitor.

It's kind of annoying that I can't turn it off with the buttons. I have to unplug it. Also, the cord is a tad short.
You have to be careful when peeling off the protective nonstick layer. For a short section, the sticky foam part came up with the peelable layer, making that part not able to stick.
December 28, 2017
I intentionally waited to review this product. like the backlight a lot. My only problem is that, like many others have said, it is already falling from the back of my flatscreen. I have only had it a month. I will have to find a way to seal it back to the TV. Please find a better adhesive for this light strip. The photo was taken right after I installed it. I am giving three stars because I now have to purchase something else to make this stick to the TV.
Robert Fernandes
October 27, 2017
November 27, 2017
Honestly love these. For the price you canu2019t beat them. I stuck them behind my bed to light up behind it and they work amazingly. It was a little tough to stick them to the bed but as long as you push down hard enough they stick. They havenu2019t fallen off or anything.
Preston S
April 20, 2018
This product will get the job done, however there may be better options. The feel of the strip out if the box isn't coated with anything, so if you are going to put this around moisture, don't. Also I was disappointed to find that this particular strip wasn't an easy to connect type, meaning there isn't a way to extend or split the feed to other strip. Overall if you just want the one strip it's great!
October 28, 2017
I bought this to put under the foot of my kids's bed because she is learning to sleep alone, so this is helpful. I also bought one to put under the foot of my bed so I have gentle lighting that allows me to see at night to use the restroom at the midnight.
August 1, 2018
I use it for background lighting behind my 60 inch television. It works well, as advertised, but it would have been nice if corner adapters were included.
I have just begun to learn of the multiple lighting options, and I wish there was a remote control or it was compatible with Amazon Echo devices for voice control.
Jerry White
July 17, 2018
I know it's not designed for this however the purchase of these lights and a portable phone charger works well on a bike:) I would be concerned about the double stick tape over time so I zip tied them to the frame.