KYB SM5366 - Strut mount rm-KYB-SM5366


Product Description

  • The highest quality replacement strut mount available
  • Optimizes suspension performance by offering Original Equipment quality replacement components designed for each application
  • Superior rubber reduces noise, vibration and harshness
  • Mount bearings provide smoother steering and help retain front end alignment
  • Matched grade studs and nuts

Strut Mounts eliminate the vibration and noise caused by old, hardened vibration insulators. They optimize suspension performance by offering OE quality replacement components designed for each application. Strut Mounts cushion the impacts from road bumps to reduce the jarring effect, noise and vibration that old mounts transmit into the vehicle. Front bearing plates are the steering pivots and support vehicle weight. They are critical to steering performance and wheel alignment. Strut Mounts and bearing plates have a reputation for providing the highest quality in the industry.

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September 21, 2018
1 Star because these are not well made for the 1999 Chevrolet Tracker. Beware! The tabs that align the 3 bolts on the mount do not line up to the hole made for it on the car. I had to bend the tang down to allow the mount to fit up and underneath the vehicle so I could mount the KYB strut into. After I buttoned everything up and torqued it down, the top cross bar was the last thing to put in. DID NOT ALIGN!! The cross bar holes do not align with the threaded holes on the mount. So frustrating after waiting for the part and fighting it to work. Don't use this mount for your 1999 Tracker 4 WD 2.0L engine.
May 8, 2017
Nice quality part. When car has over 10 years / 120k miles it just makes sense to replace these when doing struts. You can't easily tell if the old ones are bad until its all apart, so it risks a delay if they are. Or you have to pay labor twice to r & r them later on.
jim knieper
June 18, 2018
DIDNT LAST A FEW MILES RUBBER SEPERATED FROM STEEL PULLED RIGHT OUT THE BOTTOM I don't know if the shock was too strong or the lift caused but should not have pulled through the mount
January 14, 2017
good auto part for chevrolet tracker