JET 201003 M4 Quadrajet Rebuild Kit Jet Performance


Product Description

  • Fits M4 Quadrajets
  • High quality
  • Also includes air horn gasket carburetor to intake gasket and air cleaner gasket

JET's Q-JET rebuild kit includes needle and seat assembly, , fuel filter gasket, choke seals and body to base gasket.

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January 16, 2012
This kit did not include the airhorn gasket for my 1975 Quadrajet. I presume if you're rebuilding a JET carb, it'll work. To their credit, they do include a few different gasket options but unfortunately none were the one for my particular Q-Jet.

You have to reuse the spring from your old accelerator pump. They include a new needle and seat, but no fuel filter. Seemed to be all quality parts.
John Schoonmaker
January 25, 2017
Had everthing I needed in the kit
July 18, 2016
Buyer beware, this carb kit does not come with float needle hanger,most carb kits do come with needle hanger but this one does not,I had to purchase one separately after I received this kit, but other than that it's a good rebuild kit
July 14, 2014
was looking for an inexpensive q jet rebuild kit . this kit had all the components needed at a fraction of the price of the local parts houses
May 11, 2015
Spoke with a member of the Jet staff regarding why the M4 kit does not fit my 1987 marine carburetor. He told me that marine carburetors are the older 4M style carbs (which says pre 1978 in the description) and that I ordered the wrong kit. This information is very hard to find online and the picture of the 4M kit is exactly the same as the M4 kit which does not help with ordering the correct one. I cannot return the kit because I had already used some of the parts to get the boat out on the water. Hey was unwilling to sell me just the gaskets that I needed and the employee was acting like I should have magically known that the marine carburetors are the 4M style. I will never purchase a Jet product again. Also Amazon keeps posting my review under the 4M carb kit for some reason but this review is for the M4 kit. Congratulations jet employee you are a quadrajet expert who knows everything, your prize is one less customer.
May 8, 2012
This is for Dave on the previous review or anyone else with 1978 and older G-jet. Make sure you order the correct kit and you will have your air horn gasket. You should have bought the Jet 201004 for all M4 Q-jets from 1966-78 since you have a 1975. Anyone needing an M4 kit for 1979 and newer should buy this Jet 201003.