2-PACK - Prima Marketing 655350815325 Iod Vintage Art Decor Moulds- Moulding 1 Iod Vintage Art Decor Moulds - Moulding 1 Prima Marketing Inc


Product Description

  • 2 Pack for better value!
  • Izod, IZOD decor, silicone molds
  • Food grade material
  • 5x8 silicone mold

zod by Prima silicone molds for beautifully dimensional vintage baroque goodies to embellish your decor and craft projects. And they play well with so many types of media- air dry clay, polymer clay, earthen clay, hot glue, even chocolate (food safe rated)! practically any molding medium.

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April 25, 2018
I am using Amazing Casting Resin with these molds and with very little practice am turning our very good casts. My goal is to use the casts as additions to my picture frames. Found that I do not need to dust them with any powder. The casts after 20 or so minutes gently peel out without deformation.